Therapeutic Effect

The heated water in the canine hydrotherapy pool and the pressure of the water coupled with buoyancy provide a therapeutic effect for the dog.

Reduce Stress

After surgery or injury a full range of movement may not be possible on land so treatment in our canine hydrotherapy pool can help reduce stress on a dog's joints.

Ultra Violet

Water in our canine hydrotherapy pool is treated by ultra violet light to neutralise bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms that stops them from multiplying.

Who we are


We have owned Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since the late 1990’s.  They are a true water loving breed, and incredibly powerful in the water so swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea has always been a big part of their exercise routine. In 2011 we noticed that Bracken, pictured above, was becoming unsteady on her feet and our.....


Our Pool

Measuring 6 metres (20ft) long by 3.5 metres (11ft) wide and 1.2 metres (4ft) deep the pool is suitable for all sizes of dog.
Constructed of a material called Paneltim our pool has the following benefits:
Hygienic: The polypropylene pool wall panels repel both dirt and water.
Ecological: made from recycled raw materials.
High insulation properties: Low thermal conduction of plastic and the hermetically enclosed air in the pool walls and floor means our pool will be extremely insulating helping the water stay at the desired temperature.